Visa Selects Five Athletes for Tokyo Paralympics


The Official Payment Services Partner of the Paralympic Games and a Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Gold Partner, Visa, has signed five Paralympic athletes to its Team Visa roster and is supporting the Japanese Paralympic Committee’s launch of a donation-matching program for Visa cardholders in Japan.

Visa signed Oksana Masters who is a Paralympic athlete that has excelled in various para-sports. She has excelled in cross-country skiing, biathlon, and rowing (USA).

Masters has eight Paralympic medals in three different sports and will compete to medal in a fourth sport at the Tokyo 2020Paralympic Games, cycling. She was named the Women’s Sports Foundation’s 2018 individual Sportswoman of the Year.

Apart from Masters, Visa has also signed Daniel Dias, Paralympic swimming (Brazil), Aurélie Rivard, Paralympic swimming (Canada), Monika Seryu, Paralympic canoe (Japan), and Hajimu Ashida, Paralympic athletics (Japan).


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