Bolt Introduces Additional Safety Features On Its Driver’s App


Bolt has introduced additional features on its driver’s App to enhance the safety and well-being of drivers, Boda riders, and passengers during a Bolt trip.

The new safety features include the driver trip sharing feature and the rider score feature which now allow drivers, Boda Boda riders, on its platform to share their live trips as well as be able to rate their passengers.

The driver trip-sharing feature provides enhanced safety for drivers by allowing them to share the status of their live trips with a third party, who then has the opportunity to follow the trip status and location in real-time. The trips are also tracked and monitored in real-time by Bolt throughout the journey.
“We are constantly looking to promote features and functionalities that improve the safety ecosystem of our app. The trip-sharing feature for drivers will improve the safety and well-being of drivers during a Bolt trip, and also act as a deterrent to people with potentially malicious intent against drivers and Boda-boda riders during a trip. Our core business is to provide sustainable, safe, and affordable mobility services to everyone,” said Kenneth Micah, Bolt’s Regional Manager, Eastern Africa.

Drivers share their trip details via a link that is automatically generated once one they are on a trip. The link can be shared by email, SMS, WhatsApp, or Telegram to any third party who will then be able to see the trip status, and location in real-time. The link is valid for the current trip, and drivers have to issue a new link for every trip if they feel necessary to do so. The links will also remain active for up to 48 hours for incomplete trips.

“The link is in place to track the progress of a given trip, and allow a third party to make sure that the driver completed the trip as expected. The feature will not breach passenger’s confidentiality as no information about passengers is being shared from the driver’s end.” Added Micah.


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