Posta Eyes Delivery Market With 47 New Warehouses


The Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) is looking to capture a larger piece of the logistics and delivery market with investments in warehouses across all 47 counties.

It is also keen on accelerating its digital transformation to take it out of the red, with focus on facilitating logistics for ecommerce in Kenya. The corporation has been unable to leverage its extensive network and infrastructure to drive growth, and by June 2020 had accumulated losses amounting to Ksh5. 9 billion.

In recent months, the company has even struggled to pay salaries fueling frustration among its 2,500 employees. Numerous staff members are still waiting for December 2022 and January 2023 salaries, having only received their November 2022 salaries in February 2023.

The state-owned firm has been unable to keep up with the numerous transport companies and logistics and delivery tech startups that have made it easier for businesses and individuals to send and receive goods and packages fast and conveniently, among other services. The massive uptake of mobile money and other digital services has also hit many of its revenue streams.

“We want to have a warehouse in each and every county where business people and farmers can easily pick their inputs like fertilisers which will be stocked in our warehouse. Our clients can also pick up their parcels online before it is delivered to their doorsteps,” acting PCK Postmaster General and CEO John Tonui stated.


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