Livestock Bill: You need a licence to keep bees


Any person who intends to keep bees will now be forced to obtain a licence from the government.

In the new laws proposed by the government, no person shall be allowed to keep bees for commercial purposes except in an apiary registered under the new Act.

The Livestock Bill, 2021 states that a person shall not own or possess bees or beekeeping equipment for commercial purposes unless the person is registered under the Act or allow bees to be kept on land owned or occupied by the person unless the land is registered under the act as the location of an apiary.

“A person who intends to be registered as a beekeeper shall apply to the county executive committee member responsible for livestock in the prescribed manner,” reads part of the Bill.

The Bill which has been presented at the National Assembly for debate says the County Executive Committee member in charge of livestock shall, if satisfied that the applicant meets the requirement of registration prescribed in regulations, register and issue them a certificate of registration in a prescribed form.


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