This year for the second time, Kibo Motorcycles supported Safaricom Marathon in its 20th edition of the marathon that is held annually within the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Kibo Motorcycles has in this regard, donated funds which will be channelled towards equipping health centres in the Lewa Community in a bid to contribute to key health indicators which play a pivotal role in ensuring reduced mortality rates as well as provision of improved healthcare mechanisms.

Kibo is committed in giving back to the community through its corporate social initiatives of which they have donated Kshs. 1,000,000. These funds will be channelled towards upgrading the four existent health care facilities that have been serving the Lewa Community. The facilities have been a source of provision of medical aid to the Lewa Community, and with this initiative the health care system within Lewa will witness exponential growth in provision of healthcare services.

“For thousands of Kenyans, access to modernised health care systems increasingly remains a challenge, thus shedding light on the need for quality equipment where healthcare is concerned. The donation will the health clinics within the wider Lewa community which for tens of thousands of Kenyans living within Lewa relay on as their only source of health care,” said Kibo MD Huib Van De Grijspaarde.

Kibo Motorcycles in concerted efforts remains determined in ensuring sustainable practices geared towards increased health and wellness as it contributes towards Big four agenda which forms the blueprint for a high quality life for all citizens.

In 2018, Kibo sponsored the Lewa marathon and donated one of their bike models K150 which aimed at providing efficient mobility among community rangers within and around the conservancy while sensitizing the community on the need for a symbiotic and co-existent relationship between humans and wildlife for ecological balance.

The Mobility solutions based  provider has been a  key contributor to the manufacturing sector in Nairobi which is clearly outlined in the President’s Big four agenda which demonstrates the Government’s commitment towards  enhancing the livelihoods of the public particularly the youth as well as ensuring a competitiveness within  the Kenyan manufacturing scene .

Currently, Kibo Motorcycles manufactures and sells two models of motor bikes, namely, the K150 and the K250, which were used to provide logistical support for safety marshals and camera crews during the Lewa marathon event. The bikes have been built with precision owing to their enhanced features which considerably factor in the different terrains and the topographies of the Kenyan landscape.


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