HFC Partners With Jua Kali Federation To Finance Contractors


HF Group, through its banking subsidiary HFC has entered into a partnership with the Jua Kali Contractors Federation of Kenya (JKCFK) that will see the lender support the federation and its members with access to credit and opportunities for enhanced participation in Kenya’s real estate value chain.

The two parties are expected to create synergies in the real estate market by supporting Jua Kali artisans with value addition for their products and services for increased revenue generation.

The Jua Kali sector has been allocated preferential contracting of doors, windows and other ringfenced items for all affordable housing works by the Government of Kenya, but lack of financing to service the contracts has hindered the uptake of this opportunity.

Through the partnership, HFC will provide the artisans with working capital in addition to training and capacity-building opportunities including idea conceptualization to procurement of products and services, financing, joint market research and exposure to strategic partners.

These trainings will leverage a partnership that the lender has with Strathmore University’s Small Business Development Centers, which will facilitate the training programs.

“As a bank our key focus is on development of the SME sector and we are committed to strategic partnerships with the sector which plays a critical role in empowering lives, poverty eradication and the economic development of our country. Our partnership with the Jua Kali Contractors Federation dubbed HFC Ujenzi na Makao provides tailor-made financing solutions to its members and clusters, within HFC’s lending policy and is a testament to our commitment to living up to our Group’s purpose; enriching lives,” said HF Group CEO, Robert Kibaara.

The bank will provide a bouquet of financial solutions structured to suit the needs of all players in the affordable housing ecosystem. This includes financing for contracts in excavation, masonry, joinery, steel works, plumbing and finishings.

“The State Department for Housing and Urban Development welcomes HFC’s support of this vision through the provision of mortgage financing, training and working capital to the Jua Kali sector to bolster their capacity to deliver in the supply chain. We have provided access to market for the Jua Kali sector by ring-fencing doors, windows and other key inputs in the affordable housing supply chain. This provides a growth opportunity for the Jua Kali sector to corporatise and be the developers of tomorrow. We also intend for every Jua Kali artisan to have the chance to be a homeowner by providing affordable home financing solutions,” stated the Principal Secretary, Mr Charles Hinga.


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