Fertility Point Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with Over 700s Successful IVFs

L-R: Vishal Sharma, Vice President of Operations, Fertility Point, Dr Kireki Omanwa, President, Kenya Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society, Dr Rajesh Chaudhary, Lead IVF Expert at Fertility Point, Dr Faith Muchira, Lead Physician at Fertility Point and a staff member.

Fertility Point Kenya, a world-class fertility center committed to helping patients grappling with fertility challenges become parents, is celebrating its third anniversary of operations in Kenya.

Fertility Point is the world’s largest provider of fertility services with outlets in 12 countries globally. In Africa, it has set up a Centre of Excellence in Kenya.

Since its inception in 2018, Fertility Point has been offering quality and affordable treatment to men and women by providing first-rate diagnosis of infertility and effective treatments, including In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). IVF treatment costs range between Ksh 400,000 and Ksh 550,000.

Fertility Point’s team of highly qualified and internationally trained IVF consultants and senior embryologist have undertaken over 700 successful cycles of IVF and helped more than 1000 patients become parents in its three years of operation.

Speaking during the celebration held today at its clinic in Upperhill, Nairobi, Dr. Kireki Omanwa, the president of Kenya Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society said, “I have observed demand for IVF and other fertility treatments increase steadily. Out of 50 couples, 7 to 8 of them required IVF ten years ago. The number has now doubled and I am confident that with the existence of exceptional fertility centers like Fertility Point, we are going in the right direction as a country towards fertility treatment.”

On his part, Vishal Sharma, Vice President of Operation attributed the clinic’s high pregnancy success rates of over 65% to their investment in world-leading technology and holistic approach to fertility.

“Every day, we have clients who visit Fertility Point requesting help to conceive a child, and we celebrate each time we get the news that a baby has been born. We feel privileged to have helped many people across the globe fulfill their dream of becoming parents. Reaching 3 years in Kenya is a significant milestone for us and we would like to celebrate the success of Fertility Point, all the past and present patients, their families, and our highly skilled and devoted staff,” said Vishal Sharma.

“For this anniversary, we are celebrating by offering any patients who walks into our facility 20% discount on procedures such as In Vitro Fertilisation, Intra- Unterine Insemination, Sperm Injections and Frozen Embryo Transfer,” he added.

Considering the risk factors surrounding the IVF practice and the challenges presented by patients, Fertility Point’s over 65 per cent success rate is one of the best,” said Dr. Rajesh Chaudhary, Fertility Point’s lead IVF expert.

To celebrate the anniversary, Fertility Point has endeavoured to affirm its longevity for the benefit of multiple stakeholders including patients, employees, suppliers, partners, the community, regulators, and the government.

“As we celebrate our third anniversary, we share gratitude to those who have seen us come this far as we strive to underscore our commitment to providing fertility treatment and give life to dreams of parenthood,” concluded Mr. Sharma.


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