Effective Infection Prevention and Monitoring Is the Best Way to Keep Our Teams And Loved Ones Safe-Infrared


Infrared Limited has spent the last seven months understanding the “Best Global Practices”, particularly in systems that would facilitate Kenyan companies in the application of disinfection and temperature monitoring systems.

Companies have taken on the responsibility and are working hard to ensure that they have put the protocols and guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health placed. At Infrared Limited, the firm specializes in two area of expertise – infection prevention and monitoring systems that would facilitate Kenyan companies in the application of these systems to appropriately protect their teams, client and themselves from the current and possible future infectious outbreaks.

As of November 2nd, Kenya’s tally of the coronavirus disease was at 56,602, with more than 1,027 deaths. More than 37, 000 people had recovered from the viral disease.

To help address the situation, Infrared Limited has ventured into providing effective temperature monitoring, and robust disinfection equipment. The solutions currently in the market are manual, leave for cross-contamination, particularly in the monitoring division, the hand-held temperature units are more consumer-based products.

What we offer are professional products that make disinfection very effective and efficient and with minimal wastage, no requirement for wipe-down on surfaces, which is where cross-contamination comes in. The products provide the latest state-of-the-art technologies and solutions.

Infrared has partnered with Victory Innovations – a leading US-based Electrostatic Spray manufacturer.

The electrostatic sprayer is effective, when you turn it on, it is automatically given a positive charge through the patented charging ring, which makes the liquid wrap around surfaces that are negative or neutral. Since two positives repel, the disinfectant will be evenly spread, with little or no wastage and no requirement to wipe down, thus reducing cross-contamination.

For temperature monitoring, the company uses thermal technology, which is more accurate because it takes measurements across an entire surface and not a pinpoint like IR thermometer. The thermal cameras can take the temperature from a distance of one to four meters, depending on the model, they are discreet and fit to the current social distancing protocols required.

“The IR thermometers that are currently available are consumer products and not made for professional or business environments. One, you have to come close to the person. Secondly, a lot of people are taking wrist temperatures, which is interesting, since I can’t remember the last time I went to the doctor and he took my temperature from my wrist. Can you? posed Glena Jiwani, marketing manager at Infrared Limited.

With clients across all the industries using both products, from professional offices, airlines, hotels and lodges, restaurants and even manufacturing and farms, the firm believes Kenya needs efficient and sustainable solutions to address public health hurdles.



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