Eddys Kitchen launches school feeding program at Mutwala Primary School


As part of its community sustainability plan, Eddys Kitchen Initiative has today launched a school feeding program intending to empower children from low-income homes to get a proper education.

The launch ceremony held at Mutwala Primary School in Muhoroni was chaired by Mr.Orina Asibwoga the Subcounty Director of Education in the presence of Mr. Gradvs Agutu Chairman Kenya Primary School Headteachers Association, Mutwala school board members and administration, and the E.K. team. The program, which is the first phase, is set to be a part of the initiative’s plan of community empowerment and sustainability. Eddys Kitchen Initiative hopes to mitigate the effects of hunger on education and ensure the continuity of learning, in line with the SDG and 2030 agenda.

The school feeding program will benefit students in Mutwala Primary School which has children from one of the most disadvantaged rural areas in Muhoroni Sub-county. Nearly 600 students will benefit from the program as it hopes to alleviate malnutrition in students and encourage the most vulnerable students to attend and achieve at school.

Muhoroni sub-county has a substantial number of school dropouts and an alarming level of food insecurity and malnutrition observed among students. Every student in this school will receive 2 nutritious meals which are made up of breakfast and lunch.


This ceremony demonstrated the local government’s commitment to providing support to education sector stakeholders for academic achievement and alleviating hunger.


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