Bidco launches ‘Ugali, Sukumawiki’ noodles

Bidco Group CEO Thiagarajan Ramamurthy

The Bidco company has launched new products in the market which include maize meal-based noodles with Sukumawiki flavor, cheese and onion-flavored noodles in the local market.

The C.E.O said that the market noodles is growing in higher rate,thus the noodles will help them scale their food processing brand.

“In less than a year, Noodies has quickly grown to be Kenya’s fastest growing noodles brand. The introduction of Ugali Noodies with sukumawiki flavour and cheese variants has been informed by our studies on consumer trends and preferences,” said the CEO.

The introduction of the maize meal based noodles targets those who regard ugali and sukumawiki as staple food.


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