Barrows Hotels steps in Airport Hotel Market


Barrows (, the provider of hotel investments and advisory services for hotels in the Middle East and Africa, steps into the market for Airport hotels. Airport Hotels are a guarantee for high occupancy and strong revenues for Institutional Investors.

Airport Hotels are unique objects to invest in. Located in traffic-intensive locations, they offer a solid return due to a high occupancy rate. Location, occupancy rate and associated cash flow are important characteristics for an Airport Hotel. The long-term contracts with airliners and multinationals guarantee a sustainable occupation of hotel rooms and the use of the food and beverage chain.

Airport Hotels are an important growth engine for our company. We like to invest in Airport Hotels because of their sustainable nature for the long term. Investing in sustainable locations and objects always involves a low risk profile. That benefits our investors. Due to the global pandemic, Barrows has developed a business case that will guarantee growth for the coming years and increase the EBITDA, says Chairman Erwin Jager of Barrows Hotel Enterprises.

If you don’t think in possibilities right now, you may be missing out on great opportunities. Barrows is benefiting from the current market conditions and has a clear focus on high quality hotel real estate. Uniquely located Airport Hotels are an important element in this. These Hotels run solid results and offer a decent return. In the next 24 months, Barrows certainly wants to invest in 10 strategically located airport hotels and further expand its position in the airport hotel market.

These hotels can be used for very different purposes. We not only rent out rooms, but also conference rooms, retail and flex offices, for example. These hotels have a unique public function in society and it is also our task to add value and further develop and utilize this assets. If an Airport Hotel does not achieve a good result today, there is something wrong with the management, says Erwin Jager.

Barrows Hotel Enterprises internationally manages more than 10,000 hotel rooms in more than 10 countries. The company started in 2008 as a real estate investor in the residential market in Dubai. Since 2012, Barrows has changed its strategy and the company is fully focused on the fast-growing hotel industry in the Middle East and Africa.


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